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To further its commitment to building and maintaining fair, equitable, diverse and accessible university community, the Office for Equity and Accessibility offers a variety of highly engaging, customizable and practical workshops on university's anti-discrimination policies and procedures; the protections and accommodations for individuals with disabilities; affirmative action in hiring; prevention of sex and gender-based harassment and discrimination; and on conflict resolution. During COVID 19 pandemic all OEA trainings and workshops are available virtually. Please, contact us to discuss your training needs.  

Compliance Workshop: Policy 1025, Title IX and Violence Against Women Act ("VAWA")

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The Compliance Workshop is a mandatory bi-annual training for all employees of the university.  This highly interactive workshop covers the unversity's anti-harassment and anti-discrimination policies, the requirements of the Federal civil rights laws; and procedures for filing and investigating discrimination and harassment complaints.  This workshop also covers such topics as:  dealing with implicit biases, the difference between equity and equality; and active listening.  

One can complete the Compliance Workshop by registering through the PageUp LMS for either an on-demand module or for live, instructor-led training. Access to PageUp LMS is available from:  

Please, note that Compliance Workshop will no longer be available through CourseWhere.  Also, OEA will no longer support or recognize EVERFI two-part compliance training modules.  

Please, contact Henry Yampolsky in the Office for Equity and Accessibility with any questions regarding the Compliance Workshop.  

ADA and Accessibility Services

This workshop, offered by request, teaches the participants how to create highly interactive and accessible Power Point presentations.  To schedule this workshop, please contact Gloria Hartley.  

This workshop offers the participants basic understanding of the American with Disabilities Act as Amended and introduces the participants to the reasonable accomodations process at Virginia Tech.  This workshop is available by request.  For more information about this workshop, please contact Gloria Hartley.  

Affirmative Action

This workshop is designed for members of search committees and other Virginia Tech stakeholders who may participate in the search and selection process.  In order to participate in the search and selection process, an employee must have completed this workshop within the last two years.  To register for this workshop, please click here.  For more information about the charge workshop, please contact Melissa Thomas.  

Conflict Resolution

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Locking horns with a co-worker?  Through its conflict resolution services and trainings, the OEA could help you see eye-to-eye!  OEA offers several highly customizable and interactive conflict resolution workshops.  These workshops include: 

Moving from Conflict to Collaboration is a highly interactive workshop which teaches core skills such as active listening, asking open-ended questions, discovering interests and needs and creative brainstorming which empower the participants to build better teams and to use conflict as an opportunity for growth, connection and dialogue.  

Dis-Solving Conflict from Withintm  is a mindfulness-based conflict coaching system which uses the process of self-inquiry to deal with internal aspects of interpersonal conflict and teaches individuals to respond to conflict with strength, clarity and ease, instead of reacting to it with fear, avoidance or aggression.  

The workshop in Compassionate Communications teaches the participants to identify and engage with feelings and needs which are at the base of  our day-to-day interactions.  Identifying and engaging with feelings and needs is at the core of more productive and compassionate work interactions.  It is one of the most important fundamentals for building a more equitable, effective and collaborative work community.  

Please note: Effective October 1, 2020,  Title IX, Policy 1025 and VAWA (Violence Against Women Act) Compliance Workshop will only be available through PageUp LMS. To access PageUp, please visit: and then select "Search PageUp LMS Courses".  

To learn more about how to use the PageUp LMS System, please click here.  Compliance trainings will no longer be available through Coursewhere, and OEA will no longer support or recognize EVERFI two-part training modules.