Conflict Resolution

Dale engaging two employees in conflict resolution.

Virginia Tech recognizes that conflict between two or more members of any community is inevitable. The Conflict Resolution Program offers faculty and staff the opportunity to participate in mediation and other informal conflict resolution strategies to address a dispute with another person(s), and also to provide professional development workshops and conflict management coaching to nurture individual learning and growth.

The Conflict Resolution Program incorporates three valuable services for employees:

When conflict is handled properly it can stimulate creativity and problem solving, foster teamwork, improve social relationships, encourage listening, and provide a way to express emotions which can clear the air and relieve tension.

Several members of the Virginia Tech community have been trained in mediation and have experience conducting these meetings. The mediators are available to meet with the individuals in a confidential setting to help amicably resolve the dispute. The mediation process is confidential and can be used to model respect for diversity and may help provide a space where disputants can learn to understand, respect, and accept differences.