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OEA/ADAAS team members during 2023 NDEAM event.

OEA/ADAAS team members during 2023 NDEAM event.
OEA/ADAAS team members during 2023 NDEAM event.

Virginia Tech is committed to equal employment and education opportunity for individuals with disabilities and complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), as amended; the Rehabilitation Act, as amended; and other state and local laws that apply to individuals with disabilities.

The ADA and Accessibility Services team (ADAAS) handles Title I employee accommodation requests and authorizes reasonable accommodations per Policy 4075: University Accommodations of Persons with Disabilities for qualified employees with disabilities. The team provides oversight of the employment accommodation process and physical, digital, and programmatic accessibility for employees, students, and visitors.

The ADA provides protection from discrimination for individuals on the basis of disability and extends civil rights protection for people with disabilities to employment in the public and private sectors, transportation, public accommodations, services provided by state and local government, and telecommunications. In addition to physical accessibility, theĀ ADA mandates programmatic accessibility, including electronic media and web pages.

Students who require reasonable accommodations to participate in university activities should contact Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD).

Outreach and Training

ADAAS also offers educational activities regarding accessibility to the university community, including ADA training for employees and students. Outreach events include annual celebrations of Employee Appreciation Day and National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM)

2023 NDEAM | Workplace Wellbeing: Strategies for Employees and Leaders

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