Partners in Dispute Resolution

The Division of Human Resources – 

The Employee Relations team in the Division of Human Resources provide employees and managers with information on topics including personal issues affecting work performance, work environment, behavior and performance expectations, performance management, discipline, perceived unfair treatment, appeals of termination and employee grievances.  Their goal is to promote an effective employment partnership between Virginia Tech employees, management and the university.

Requests for mediation may also be made through Employee Relations. The Employee Relations staff also assist employees with referrals to the Employee Assistance Program (EAP).

Additionally, the Division of Human Resources oversees the design and delivery of professional development programs that are available to all employees. The programs provide highly engaging opportunities for employees to enhance workplace skills and strengthen operational knowledge.

Faculty Senate Committee on Reconciliation

The Faculty Senate Committee on Reconciliation offers advice and counsel to faculty members, particularly in relation to disputes with immediate supervisors or university administrators. The Committee has a special function within the formal grievance process and can help facilitate conversations between faculty members and their supervisors, with the goal of reaching mutually agreeable solutions. It also assists faculty members in negotiating difficult situations or providing advice in relation to issues that are not eligible for resolution through the grievance process.

Graduate School Ombuds

The Office of the Graduate Student Ombudsperson helps graduate students resolve issues and address concerns that arise within the university setting. The ombudsperson provides a resource for and information about institutional policies and acts as a facilitator to work towards resolutions of graduate students’ concerns.