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COVID-19 Vaccination Exemptions for Employees

With the issuance of Presidential Policy Memorandum (PPM) 317 on August 19, 2021, the University requires all employees, including faculty, staff, and wage employees, to become vaccinated against the virus causing COVID-19. As noted in PPM 317, this vaccination requirement is a condition of employment at Virginia Tech.

Religious Exemption

Any University employee who has a sincerely held religious belief that conflicts with the vaccination requirement described in PPM 317 may request an exemption through the Office for Equity and Accessibility (OEA). To request an exemption from the vaccination requirement due to sincerely held religious belief, employees must complete the Religious Exemption Certification Form and submit it to  Employees who are unable to submit completed forms via email may either send the forms to the Office for Equity and Accessibility (address at top of form) or bring the forms to the service desk in the North End Center, Suite 2300. Absent communication from OEA to the contrary, once OEA receives a completed and notarized Religious Exemption Certification Form, the requesting employee will be approved for an exemption from the vaccination requirement. Religious exemptions apply only to the vaccination requirement and not to other requirements described in PPM 317.

Medical Exemption

Any employee who has a medical condition that impacts their ability to comply with the vaccine requirement may request an accommodation. For more information about how to request a medical accommodation and to learn more about COVID-19 and the Americans with Disabilities Act, visit the ADA & Accessibility Services’ Accommodations page